In addition to their other offerings, Audio Artisans also offers Home Lighting,
Home Window Shading, as well as Complete Home Control Integration.
What does that Mean?
It means that you can easily control everything from a device
such as an Apple iPad or Android tablet simply and efficiently.

      QMotion Shades          


Home Lighting is a simple, energy-saving way of controlling your lights.  Available for New Construction or Retro-fit, we use keypads in place of the traditional light-switch each with a series of buttons giving you different scenes, which are a collection of lights in an area that can all be set to come on together at a pre-specified light-level.  They can also be dimmed up and down to set your own mood.  The buttons can also be used to control other things, such as Audio/Video, Window Shading, or Ceiling Fans, thus unifying control points, and reducing the amount of switches on the wall.

Home lighting also has other benefits, in that it can be programmed to turn on and shut off at pre-specified times, or go into a vacation mode, making it appear that the house is occupied while you’re away.  In addition, Home lighting can be energy efficient, when combined with sensors, lights can go on automatically when the room is occupied, and off when it’s not.  Running lights dimmed down both reduces energy consumption as well as extends the life of the light.


Automated window shading is another way to add efficiency to your home, reducing the amount of direct sunlight coming into your home, over-warming or causing UV damage to furniture or art.  Our shading can track the position of the sun, and automatically open or close based on the position of the sun.  They can also be operated manually by a simple downward tug on the shade, similar to how a traditional shade would work.

Our Window shades are available in a wide variety of options, colors and opacities.  Different mounting options, and housings, as well as valance options.  If you don’t like the standard options available, we can have them custom made with your own fabric choices.

Control & Integration

Each of these above options can be controlled from an Apple or Android device, in addition with our systems, we can integrate most other home functions into a single tablet App, creating unified control of Audio/Video, Lights, Shades, Heating and Cooling, Security and just about anything else.  This gives you single-touch control of entire rooms, even remotely from other locations, perfect for a second home.