Audio & Video Products for the Home is what we specialize in.
Speakers, Hi-Fi, Television & Projection, as well as Distributed Audio throughout the house.
We hand select products from vendors that we feel produce the best value in performance for the price.


High Fidelity Audio has always been a passion for us.  Each of our backgrounds has given us a passion for music, as well as listening to music.  Because of that, we’re dedicated to giving you the best quality, whether you have a small budget, or a large budget.  We can find a way to get you exactly what you want.

No single product fills every need, that’s why we select an array of products that we feel fill just about every niche that are in demand.  We sell Receivers, Speakers, Pre-Amps, Amps, Cable, Projection Systems, along with a whole host of other Audio and Video accessories, in addition to our other excellent services.  We also believe that you, the customer should never invest in something as emotionally important as a home audio/video system without first experiencing it, that’s why we’ve maintained a brick & mortar retail environment for you to be able to come in and try before you buy.

If you need something unique, something that is truly “you”, we have our custom installation branch.  We can help you achieve whatever specialized concept that you can envision through our collective design & installation experience.