Audio Artisans was formed in 2008 by four team-members, who were passionate about Audio, Video, and Service towards our clients past, present, and future.

But AV isn’t all we do.  Other than Speakers, Projectors & Televisions, Turntables, Media Servers, and cables, our services include Home Lighting and Shades, Home Automation & Integration, Residential Networking, Retail Sales, Custom Installation in both retro-fit and new construction, low-voltage design and wiring, as well as acoustical treatments.

Retail Services are important to us, so that you can see and experience anything before investing in it.  Our staff is here to help you with the difficult and often confusing questions and topics which come up in the electronics industry.  Sometimes they can be scary, but we’re here to make it simple for you.

Our goal is to share our passion and knowledge with you.  In order to accomplish this, each of us are certified in our own industry standard: CEDIA, Custom Electronics Design & Installation Association, as well as other areas of our field.  We keep up on the latest in technology, learning all we can wherever we go.  Each of us are equal partners in the business, and we’re all willing to assist.  One of our greatest benefits is our customer support.  When you enlist Audio Artisans, your project manager helps you decide what’s best for your home by understanding your needs and desires, he also installs your new product with the highest precision, and finally you get his number, and he is the person you call when you have question about your system or are in need of service.

The Audio Artisans Are:

Mark Spencer
KC Luchsinger
Eric Laaksonen
Tom Werner